A FUN Program Specifically Designed to Help Kids Grow

Our programs are designed using science and psychology to help your child become healthy young adults; Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Socially.

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About Our Classes

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Age Specific Training

All of our classes are designed to focus on the needs of students in different stages of development. We have specialized classes for kids ages 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 10 and 11 to 15. This allows us to provide a curriculum that focuses on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social skills most needed at this stage of their development. Each age group has 8 core traits around which we develop fun and challenging martial arts drills and skills.

We Will Help Build Your Child's Character

Our comprehensive LIFE SKILLZ training integrated into each class with discussions and drills about topics like Teamwork, Patience, Integrity, Goal Setting, Courage, Self-Control and more! These LIFE SKILLZ focused through martial arts training will provide your child with two great developmental programs in one! In all we have 20 monthly character traits developed by leading Child Development Experts, backed up by drills and role plays, to re-enforce lessons that are vital for your child’s growth. They will learn how to overcome challenges in life, how to carry themselves around others, how to treat others well, and how to manage their emotions.

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Our Instructors

All of our Instructors are SKILLZ Worldwide certified instructors who are also certified in Laws of Instruction, How to Run Age Appropriate Drills, Stages of Development for 2 to 6 Year Olds, and Stages of Development for 7 to 14 Year Olds.

Our Instructors also attend weekly, monthly and quarterly re-enforcement training with industry leaders, child development experts and physiologists to ensure that we are up to date with the latest techniques for working with children. Our instructors also attend extra training and certifications for teaching kids on the Autism spectrum as well as kids with other disabilities.


What our parents are saying:

Kaitlin Moran

The I CAN Martial Arts offers a special program with instructors that are super hands on and genuinely care about the children both emotionally and physically. Not only is our son engaged in a twice weekly, active, fun, and supportive Martial Arts Class; he is also making friends, and building relationships with supportive instructors and role models. He loves to attend his ‘MAC class’, which involves; strength training, fun games, as well as various martial arts skills to build upon. The class is encouraging, and confidence boosting. There is an incredible bonus aspect to being a student in Mr. Andrew’s class! Children are rewarded in class for being helpful in their communities, neighborhoods and schools. Reading is super encouraged at home and in school, and is rewarded in class through a belt sticker system. There is a strong bridge between class, school and home- which really makes each student and family feel connected and engaged. We are thrilled to have our son enrolled in this class. Mr. Andrew, the Chief Instructor, is personable and genuinely is engaged with each student and family! He will guide you and your child along the way, specifically meeting the needs of each student! Oh- and you will get some laughs along the way too (he is a jokester!) I CAN Martial Arts ROCKS!

Brianna Ward

I am a mom of two amazingly compassionate and active boys. Aged 9 and 5 1/2. As they aged I noticed my oldest was dealing with some anxiety issues; my youngest struggling with self-regulation and focusing.

After much research, I came across the benefits of martial arts. I read so many positive testimonies regarding confidence, endurance, focus, and discipline that come with the skill of martial arts. And to my excitement, once the world opened up after the shutdown, I discovered my local recreational center had a martial arts program. We started in October of 2021, and my boys have thrived in this program. They have made friends, grown in confidence, and learned many skills. Skills that are not just the physical aspects of this art, but mental and emotional as well. 

They have built such an amazing relationship with Mr. Andrew. You can tell he wants the very best for each of his students. I know I can always call on Mr. Andrew if I have a concern; and for a mama who wants nothing more than to raise happy, healthy, confident members of society, his guidance has been invaluable to me and my children.

Jessy Everett

For any parents looking to get your autistic children involved in a group activity, I have found something that worked for us! I accredit this to Coach Andrew’s approach and demeanor with the students.

I understand that every child’s tolerance levels, abilities, triggers and types of enjoyment vary. Coach Andrew has open lines of communication to address each situation. Initially he asked what would work for our son? He not only wanted our suggestions but encouraged/requested it. He checks in often to see what is working. He has given us ample opportunities to talk with him, email or text. The non-judgemental support has been wonderful.  
Our son has extreme anxiety, self-doubt and is self-conscious.  He needs to have a solid routine, stick to his schedule, have a plan. This class has a consistent yet flexible schedule. Meaning it runs regularly but it’s okay if you can’t make it.
Noise! Our son doesn’t do well with load noises, yet he is probably the loudest kid I know. The noise level seems to be an okay level for him. Most of the noise is from laughing and having fun during games. While working on skills the noise level is much lower. There is a short clap/cheering encouragement when a new belt is achieved which last about 10 seconds and there is fair warning. We have had zero issues with noise level.
I would also like to add that these are the type of kids that would NOT tease another student for having to step out, cover their ears, flapping or any other stims. It is a supportive, ability diverse and kind group of children. They are being taught self-control, respect for themselves and others plus the physical aspects of the sport. Coach Andrew is doing a great job keeping it a safe, positive space that encourages kindness and growth. 
Our son had great success with the private lessons to gain his confidence. Nothing to do with abilities and more to learn the process. He had a few visits with his cousin to learn some basic moves, terms and routine. He got a feel for the space and what was expected without the pressure of strangers. Coach Andrew then introduced his son, Oliver (who is a great asset to the program) to a session. He then gradually added a few more kids and our son asked to try a regular class. Coach Andrew assured him that there was no pressure and if he ever needed to step out that it would be fine. He has been attending regular classes since. 
In conclusion this class has been a wonderful way for our autistic child to exercise, interact with a group of kids, gain confidence, have fun, promote self-control and much more. Coach Andrew encourages feedback and is aware of our child’s needs. This has been a great program and I would recommend it to nerotypical and nervodiverse children. 

Kayla Boggs

Martial arts class with Mr. Andrew has been a joy. I love that he incorporates attributes that are essential for living a whole and balanced life. Respect for all things including self, mindfulness, accountability and patience just to name a few.
My children, Ella and Sam, aren’t just exercising their bodies they are expanding minds too. Thankful to have such a wonderful place in our community where our kids have the opportunity to learn with the fantastically wise and talented Mr. Andrew.

Carrie Keene

  As a homeschooling Mom I was looking for an extracurricular activity for my six year old son. It has been just the right amount of physical and mental challenge that has motivated him to grow in multiple ways. My son has built relationships with the coaches and students alike. One of the things I love the most is the positive and encouraging atmosphere! It is not focused on competiveness with others, instead it is about getting better together! Mr. Andrew has gone above and beyond since we joined last Fall. My son says, ” Martial Arts is a place I learn and have fun”.